About Me

J. Stephen Tracy (Steve) comes from a real estate family. Having first been licensed to sell real estate since in 1986.  He is also licensed in as an attorney since 1992 (outside AZ). Handling litterally thousands of transactions as an attorney and/or REALTOR there is not much he has not seen. Handling commercial and residential transactions in investment grade price points (up to eight figures) where the opportunity cost of the asset acquisition is as much a consideration as the desire to own and possess the property.

Steve did not stop learning after law school; rather, he entered into the CIMA education program at the Wharton School to achieve a deep understanding of investments and finance. Having a wealth of knowledge and creativity can forestall certain issues while allowing creative work-arounds for other potential problems. Steve strives to provide his clients with a frank, accurate, and often refreshing view of real estate purchases, sales and investments.

Call him at (480)717-8888 or contact by e-mail at steve@desertmountain.net