About Me

J. Stephen Tracy (Steve)
I was first licensed to sell real estate in 1986. My family has always been in real property; an Architect brother, Developer father and Designer sister who is also a CPA. (Glad to also have a Christian minister brother to hold the door at the end of the day.)

In addition to developing and brokering residential and commercial property; I have been a licensed attorney since 1992 in various states.  I have litigated for both Plaintiff and Defense and have enjoyed serving clients such as Princess Cruises, The State of South Carolina and multitudinous real estate clients.  From owning a title company through resolving difficult issues in transactions and litigation I have maintained a "results oriented" disposition. Truly, there is not much I haven't seen.  I am well versed in both commercial and residential transactions including investment grade price points (up to eight figures) where the opportunity cost of the asset acquisition is as much a consideration as the desire to own and possess the property.

Beyond Law and Real Estate I have taken the time to acquire a deep understanding of asset management. Historically holding a securities license and completing the CIMA at Wharton Executive Education Program (believing MPT as essentially flawed with roots in the greater fool theory) I left this sphere of business but have benefitted greatly from the deep understanding of investments and finance that was obtained.

Wielding a wealth of knowledge and creativity can forestall certain issues while allowing creative work-arounds for other potential problems.

I enjoy providing a frank, accurate, and often refreshing view of real estate purchases, sales and investments for smart clients. Currently accepting additional clients.

Call or text me at (480)7l7-8888